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The following is a statement of my billing policies which we will follow for the legal services agreed to be performed on your behalf :


            1.         For legal services devoted by me representing you, I charge for my time at $375.00 per hour.


            2.         Hours are billed in increments of 0.05 of an hour with a minimum charge of 0.15 hours.  My time generally consists of office conferences, telephone conferences, making notes to file, file review, legal research, drafting and preparation of letters, contracts, pleadings and other documents.  Litigation services also include some or all of the following: travel to the site which is relevant to representation, communication with witnesses, communication with you and opposing counsel, search for and assembly of relevant evidence including review of documentation and testimonial evidence either in the file or obtained through formal or informal discovery requests, depositions, preparation of pleadings relating to the case, participation in court ordered conferences and telephonic conferences with attorneys, and preparation for and attendance at court ordered hearings and trial.  Actual time devoted to any particular matter will depend upon your specific demands, complexity of the matter, difficulties and delays encountered, the skill required to properly perform the legal service and any extraordinary circumstances that may be involved.  Attendance by me at court, conferences, closings or meetings will be billed according to the total time spent by me in attendance, including travel time to and from.


            3.         You are responsible for paying all costs associated with the legal matters I am handling for you.  I will bill you for those costs.  Costs may include such things as filing fees, postage, express mail, long distance telephone charges, and if the matter involves litigation, court costs, deposition costs, fees due to investigators, process servers, and other fees charged by non-attorney individuals or entities which are necessarily incurred to properly repre­sent you.  You are responsible for the costs incurred, regardless of whether or not these costs are advanced by me.  If I hold trust funds for you, you give me the authority to disburse such costs directly from those funds, but not in specific instances where you and I have reached another agreement.

            4.        For certain matters, I charge on a flat fee. basis  It is understood that if you cancel the work prior to its completion, you will remain liable for time spent based on my hourly fee for time I have spent prior to the time of cancellation, as well as any costs advanced.  

            5.         I will bill monthly, and payment is due upon receipt of the bill.  I reserve the right to hold any bill for 30 days if I think the balance due is small.  I will send the bills to you via email unless you direct me to do otherwise.

            6.         It is my option to required you to pay me a retainer in a reasonable amount as may be required by me prior to the initiation of all litigation.  If you pay the retainer, the amount will be set by agreement.  I also require retainers for other legal matters as I think appropriate.  Any retainer you pay me will be held in my COLTAF trust account, which is regulated by the Colorado Supreme Court and such funds may be disbursed by me as I earn legal fees or pay costs and expenses on your behalf.  I may, from time-to-time, ask you to replenish the retainer as a condition for continued work by me for you.


            7.         If I am forced to bring a lawsuit against you to collect the amount billed to you, you shall pay for the costs of such lawsuit including a reasonable attorney fees not in excess of 15 percent of the balance due.


            8.         Any matter I handle on a contingent fee basis will require you and me to enter into a separate written agreement, the form of which is governed in part by the Colorado Supreme Court.  No contingent fee arrangement can arise unless that separate agreement is in place.


            Thank you for selecting me as your attorney.

 (Revised October 201, 2015)